Beyond updated to 1.11.0

kasperfranz Founder posted Sep 25, 17  -  modpackupdate

We have now updated to the recommended version (1.11.0) - See you soon in game!

beyond changelog (let's hope when you push this that FTB has pushed the changelog)

Beyond updated

kasperfranz Founder posted Mar 16, 17  -  modpackonlineserverupdate

We have now updated our Beyond server to be on 1.1.0 

We can't wait to see you in game :)!

Beyond Server Launch!

geminimiche Founder posted Mar 7, 17  -  announcementmodpackonlineserverupdate

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Beyond server today, the next logical step in the FTB server packs updated for Minecraft 1.10. Some changes you can look forward to are revamped ore generation, new mods, and the general recipe tweaking you've come to expect from FTB. We hope you will join us in a few hours' time to celebrate this long awaited pack!

Countdown to Beyond Server Launch we are launched!

The ip is

The update to 2.4.2 introduced a problem with Thaumic Energistics - Applied Energestics 2, which caused certain ME systems to crash the server when their owner logged in/loaded it. We know this was a major inconvenience, and we apologize, though it was through no fault of our own. 

The good news is, the problem has been addressed, and the exceptions are being caught before they can cause a crash now. All who were previously banned are now free to log back in with no changes to your setups or bases.

We can't wait to see you in game :).

kasperfranz Founder make a forum post with your crash report, else it's hard to help you
ClaytonKillsU When i try to join the game my game crashes D: can someone help me pls .-.