Beyond updated to 1.11.0

kasperfranz Founder posted Sep 25, 17  -  modpackupdate

We have now updated to the recommended version (1.11.0) - See you soon in game!

beyond changelog (let's hope when you push this that FTB has pushed the changelog)

Beyond updated

kasperfranz Founder posted Mar 16, 17  -  modpackonlineserverupdate

We have now updated our Beyond server to be on 1.1.0 

We can't wait to see you in game :)!

Beyond Server Launch!

geminimiche Founder posted Mar 7, 17  -  announcementmodpackonlineserverupdate

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Beyond server today, the next logical step in the FTB server packs updated for Minecraft 1.10. Some changes you can look forward to are revamped ore generation, new mods, and the general recipe tweaking you've come to expect from FTB. We hope you will join us in a few hours' time to celebrate this long awaited pack!

Countdown to Beyond Server Launch we are launched!

The ip is

Hi everyone,

it has almost been a year since we launched the server, so it's time to celebrate the first server birthday on the 14th of October and keep eating cake all weekend long!

So much has happened since we started. We launched the Infinity Skyblock server alongside regular Infinity and even started a whole new game server - Ark. We would like to thank the whole community for being with us for this whole time. The servers would not exist without all of you :)

So, what's planned for celebrations?

Additional modpack

On Friday, October 14th, we will be launching an additional modpack: Pixelmon :)
We are going to be running Pixelspark (version 3.5.4), which can be found in the technic launcher (you can download the launcher here ). This pack lets you experience a whole new gameplay: Enjoy catching pokemon while walking through Biomes O' Plenty and decorating your house with Chisel and Carpenter's Blocks.


We are also going to be adding boosters as an additional type of donation option. You will be able to buy access to certain commands for a period of time for the whole server you are playing on. Want to make everyone /jump for a while? Did you always want to /fly around spawn with all your friends? You will be able to do this and more soon :)

Make staff members fly

Another feature that will be going live during the festivities is the ability to punch staff members in the gold and diamond subscriptions. See them fly :)


We'll be running events all weekend long and you're invited to host one, too. Just contact any staff member if you're interested in running an event you made and celebrate with the whole community!

kasperfranz Founder Pixelspark will be opened after the event friday evening
Coconut_Donut Happy Birthday CB. Cake? Cake!
Maki_Shark Happy Bday CB!

We are online!

kasperfranz Founder posted Dec 30, 15  -  enjininfinitymodpackonlineserver

We are currently experiencing some trouble with Enjins sync between the server and website.

We are as always online with the latest release of FTB Infinity Evolved - come play with us at