Join Us

By gem Founder - Posted Nov 13, 17

Hello everyone,

We have decided after lengthy discussion to close the Hermitcraft Server in order to make room and staff available for the newer packs and events we have planned for the future. Meanwhile, we've launched two new servers, gained some new staff, and plan even more fun things for you guys in the future :).

Servers come and go, but this community is forever! Join us in a farewell toast to Hermitcraft, which will see its final day this friday (17th November). Meanwhile, hope to see you all on one of our other popular packs, like SF3 or Horizons III!

Additionally, in an effort to streamline, we have decided to move over from Teamspeak to Discord for our voice chat program of choice. At first we avoided this because Discord was still a bit behind in capabilities but it has come a long way since then and we've decided to just make the switch official. By the time of this posting, we will be closing our Teamspeak server, and exclusively using Discord for voice chat. Bye bye Teamspeak, you served us well.