Beyond 1.9.0

kasperfranz Founder posted Thu at 21:13

Hey all

We have now updated to the latest recommended version of Beyond (1.9.0)

Come join us in the game!

tolly765 Admin
tolly765 @ Beyond
Yay for thermal dynamics! :d

Beyond updated to 1.8.1

kasperfranz Founder posted Jun 3, 17

We have now updated to the recommended version (1.8.1) - See you soon in game!

FTB Beyond

geminimiche Founder posted May 25, 17

FTB has issued an update to the Beyond server, but we have NOT updated yet. Please use version 1.6.1 until you see an announcement here or Discord that we have updated.  Thanks!

Edit (5 hours later):

We have now updated to the recommended version (1.7.0) - See you soon in game!

beyond changelog

Additionally, we have reset the End and the Nether. The /warp blaze is down temporarily, should be back up within the day.  :)

littlechavez I would LOVE to apply for Mod/Admin position.......please!!!

Updates and Important Info

geminimiche Founder posted May 13, 17
  • Beyond has been updated to the recommended version!
  • Hermitcraft has updated to the recommended version!
  • We are phasing out EnderIO Conduits on the Beyond server due to extremely poor performance. Please see this post for details.

gekkoman1985 Diamond bwick29 I understand your point with the use of x net but it has indeed made a difference to the running of the server....
bwick29 This conduit thing is tough to swallow. I understand that they have poor performance, but xnet is not a direct replaceme...
gekkoman1985 Diamond Gem I have been away for a bit its good to see updates done. one thing I have with ender io conduits being phased out an...

Planned server downtime

kasperfranz Founder posted Apr 16, 17

As we will be migrating our servers to new hardware we will have to take the whole network down in a periode of 1 hour between 8:00 - 9:00 tomorrow (monday the 17th) morning (CEST)