Planned server downtime

kasperfranz Founder posted Apr 16, 17

As we will be migrating our servers to new hardware we will have to take the whole network down in a periode of 1 hour between 8:00 - 9:00 tomorrow (monday the 17th) morning (CEST) 

Beyond server update

kasperfranz Founder posted Apr 14, 17

We just updated Beyond to the latest version

it is now running 1.5.3


Beyond Server Updated

geminimiche Founder posted Apr 11, 17

The Beyond server has been updated to the recommended version (1.4.2) and the End has been reset so go get those chaos dragons! Unfortunately the Chaos Guardians seem to have been mainlining Godzilla steroids and as such had to be temorarily disabled, Sorry for any inconvenience while we sort that out! 

This Has Got To Stop

geminimiche Founder posted Mar 29, 17

An Open Letter to Our Patrons on Beyond:

I'm not sure what it is about you, but I can't resist you. When you ask me so nicely for something, I want to give it to you; you have me wrapped around your finger and you know it, this has got to stop. It's unhealthy. You know I'm co-dependent and I'll do anything to make you happy, to make you stay. I've told you in our late night chat sessions about my abandonment issues. And you're just taking advantage of me now. 

Most recently you have extorted from me better vote crate loot, extended afk kick timers and full server joining for ranks, and now this - you've talked me into removing all the physical restrictions we put on your game play in the name of server stability. You may have noticed less intrusive, more informative automessages. No more "you can only have X number of this or that" messages. No more "you can only build something this big" messages. Only the most important ones remain, like the no freebies rule (modified) and things you should attend to in order to prevent loss or report problems.

I just can't say no to you. Please try and respect my boundaries. Stop exploiting my good nature with your silky pillow talk, I simply cannot give any more of myself than I already have.

TLDR: Less restrictions! We're leaving it up to you to be cool, use common sense and not lag the server; you are still bound to the rule of not stacking mobs, items, or lagging the server with excessive builds. (I tried to get that rule removed for you, too, but I can only do so much -- I can't pass the retinal scanner lock Kasper has on it. One day, maybe. Call me...)

Undeadbear Moderator* NO U!

You wanted offline chunk loading, you said. So we made that available. Then you said, hey, this vote crate loot is mainly crap! And you were right, and so we changed it! Now there is (subjectively) less crap, and better chances for each prize. But you didn't stop there even though we were tired and needed rest, you just kept talking. You said that ranked players want to be able to join a full server! But to that we say NO WAY, that's OUTRAGEOUS!

Just kidding, we agree that ranked members should be able to join a full server so NOW YOU CAN! And that is just a taste of the wonderful goodies we have in store for all of our members this month! Keep watching this page if you want to be the first to know about it!

...What's that? You don't want to wait? You want a hint of what's to come? I couldn't possibly. NO, I'll get in trouble. I said I can't tell you!

Well, OK, you talked me into it, but don't tell anyone I told you this: Ranked members may soon find yet another perk added to their already-overflowing list of awesomeness they get each month. So hurry up and get a rank if you haven't done that already!

Don't ask me to tell you any more, I've already said too much. Really, I'm thirsty and tired, I've been up all night, and...what?

Ok, one thing more but that's all you'll get out of me! You know those boring automessages in the game that try to boss you around with boring bossy words disguised as "Info" but really they are just bossy and boring?  It would be a shame if something were to happen to those... at least, the most boring and bossy ones. Oo

OK, that's it. I'm done announcing things and giving clues and talking. My throat is sore from all this talking. I'm usually not this talkative, it must be something you bring out in me. Some would say you can't listen if you are also talking but I don't think that's true, do you think it's true? I mean talking is a good thing and you can hear yourself when you are talking, and that's basically the same as listening... just you have to do it when other people are talking and you can just talk less loud or even in your head and still hear them... I don't see the problem...